Putt Through The Gate


Putt Through The Gate

Improve your speed using this gate drill

We all struggle with getting the right speed on our putts to get the ball into the hole.  What some amateurs do is bring the putter back outside their foot and decelerate into the ball to control speed.  It can work, however, to remain consistent and make more putts, a short backstroke is a better option.  The next step is to accelerate into the ball through impact.  This will give the ball an end-over-end roll towards the hole.

Set up the gate

Insert two tees into the ground far enough apart that the ball will pass through and not as wide as your putter.  Place a ball in between the tees so that your putter will contact the ball before the tees.

Make your regular putting stroke

Set up to the ball and make your regular putting stroke.  If you find that you cannot get the ball to roll forward with enough power you are most likely decelerating before you get to the ball.

Practice accelerating into the ball

The goal for this drill is to hit a ten foot putt without knocking the two tees out of the ground.  Work on this drill until you can put a solid hit on the ball and get a consistent end-over-end roll on the ball.  This drill will give you more confidence on the putting green and you will be sure to sink more putts.


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