About Me

Hi, my name is Dave. I am an avid golfer with a passion for improving all aspects of my About Megolf game. I have spent the last several years working on every aspect of my golf game.

My desire to get better at golf began about 15 years ago. Since then, my handicap has dropped several points. Living in Canada gives me the opportunity to practice for several months indoors. Each winter, I choose an aspect of my game to concentrate on. Putting, wedge play, approach shots and even tee shots become the focus of my yearly practice routines.

I hit a plateau two or three years ago and haven’t been able to break into the next level. Speaking to pro golfers and other amateur golfers like myself, the most common advice I get to lower my handicap is; work on my short game.

Having an effective short game in golf is developed by:

  • using the proper clubs for YOUR game
  • practicing regularly
  • confidence in the clubs you have
  • and, having multiple shot strategies around the green

My motive for creating this website is to enable golfers like me find the tools to improve. Having more fun golfing with your buddies on the weekend, breaking 100, 90 or 80, or shooting your best score ever may be what brought you here. Whatever it is, there is room for improvement in everyone’s golf game.

Who I am

I am In my mid-forties and have been playing golf since I was a teenager. Anyone who knows me would say that I am obsessed with golf. I read golf magazines regularly, have several instruction books on my bookshelf, and watch golf tournaments and instruction shows weekly.

Practicing and playing golf has become a large part of my life and I love to share my passion about golf with anyone who has an interest in the game. My appetite for improvement grows with each year I play. One of the dreams I have is to be a professional golf teacher in the future.

Staying in good health is also very important to me. Stretching and moderate exercise have become important for me to continue playing golf.

I would love to hear about where your golf game is and where you want to be. Any feedback or questions about my journey as an amateur golfer would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Thanks for reading my page and I hope you find something on my website that you will benefit from.