Lob Wedge

What is a Lob Wedge?

Depending on how many wedges you like to have in your arsenal, a lob wedge is a great addition to any golfers toolkit.  Lob wedges are primarily the highest lofted club in your bag.  They are great for chips and pitch shots that require the ball to get up in the air quickly and land softly on the green with a small amount of roll.  For instance, your ball came to rest behind a greenside bunker and the pin placement doesn’t give you much green to work with.  Lob wedges are effective in getting the ball high in the air from as far as 65 yards with a minimal amount of rollout on the green.  Adding a lob wedge to your set could be a powerful way to improve your short game.

Lob wedges are made with lofts of 58° to 62°.  Most players will find that a 60° lob wedge is effective for making those tricky shots around the green.  If you want to get more distance out of your lob wedge, a 58° loft may be what works for you.

Here is a list of Golf Digest’s Hot List wedges for 2015


Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce Satin Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, 60-Degree, Black