Sand Wedge

A sand wedge is a must have for every golfer.  Sand wedges have a loft of 54 or 56 degrees and bounce angles of 8 to 12 degrees.  Almost every course I have played in my life has bunkers on every hole.  Banff Springs Golf Course in Banff, Alberta has a total of 209 bunkers on their course.  Some courses have large bunkers that run almost the entire length of a hole.  This makes a sand wedge an important tool to have in your bag.

In the Sand

Bunkers are a hazard.  They are meant to be a penalty for an errant shot.  Most greens will have at least one bunker nearby to penalize the player for missing the green.  Sand wedges are the key to exiting the bunker and saving par.

Not all bunkers are created equally.  City and public courses usually have heavier and stiffer sand bunkers.  Higher end courses have a higher quality sand and are usually softer and fluffier.  This creates a need to understand bounce angle and what conditions you generally play in.

The type of sand wedge you use will depend mostly on your preferences.  Here is a list of wedges that may suit your needs.

Callaway Apex CF16 Men’s Sand Wedge

The Callaway Apex CF16 irons were designed with Cup 360 technology that gives you exceptional, consistent ball speeds across the whole face and playability in a forged players iron. They feature a progressive design to create scoring performance from the long irons to the short irons and the multi-piece construction provides the perfect combination of feel, control and distance. The quadruple net forging process along with the carbon steel material provides an extremely soft feel. With its classic, authentic shape and advanced technologies, the Apex CF16 iron is the perfect forged iron for all golfers.

TaylorMade PSi Men’s Sand Wedge 

The TaylorMade PSi irons were designed to meet the demands of the better player with superior feel, an appealing look and consistent performance. The new Dynamic Feel System consists of a multi-material badge that reduces vibration across the whole face. Combined with a re-designed head shape, tungsten weighting in the long irons and forged short irons, the PSi irons deliver an excellent sound and feel throughout the whole set. The look of the irons offer a blade length, topline thickness and offset increase gradually from short to long irons to inspire confidence at address. The PSi irons also feature a new cut thru sole slot, a thin, sub 2mm face and Face Slot Technology for increased ball speeds no matter where contact is made on the face. The low center of gravity helps better players generate the optimal trajectory and distance combination they desire in every shot.