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Move Left to Escape The Sand

For those of you who are having trouble getting out of the sand on the golf course, here is one of the reasons why.

Sand can sometimes be like a penalty if you are struggling to get the ball out and close to your target.  There has been several times when I would hit a shot in the sand only to end up about 3 feet closer to the hole but in the same bunker.  Sound familiar?

Stay Left!

Stay Left!

Start and Move Left

First of all, get your feet planted in the sand to get a good, solid footing.  Next, set up like you normally would with the ball forward in your stance.  Club selection depends on the distance and ball flight you desire.  The trick is to start with more of your weight on your left side.  Roughly 60/40.  Now, when you swing through your shot, keep your weight left and transfer all your weight left in your follow through.  This will help you to blast the ball out with plenty of loft and get it on the green.